Design Profits Unleashed 2.0 Review & (Secret) $22,300 bonus

Design Profits Unleashed 2.0 – How YOU can add 500% or more to the selling price of your pictures!


Design Profits Unleashed 2.0 is the fast and easy way to create your own pop art designs that you can then sell as high value canvas prints.

What Is Design Profits Unleashed 2.0?

Are you missing out on your share of Amazon and eBay profits?

Maybe it’s because you’ve been told the future was downloadable – and you didn’t want to miss out.

Amazon is hot right now! eBay is still the world’s biggest ecommerce site. It’s easy to make a killing on these sites – if you know exactly what to sell.

What about products that people want to own and treasure? That they’ll buy for their friends and family as well as themselves? You can’t get that from some file sitting on your computer. You only get real enjoyment from owning physical products.

  • They’re products of genuine quality
  • You’ll enjoy creating and producing them
  • They are uniquely your own
  • Your customers will love you and your products
  • Your profits will grow with your product range

What products am I talking about?

It’s called Design Profits Unleashed 2.0

Design Profits Unleashed 2.0 is the fast and easy way to create your own pop art designs that you can then sell as high value canvas prints.

You will be working from pre existent photographs. Most of the work has already been done for you! In Design Profits Unleashed 2.0, you’ll learn how to use graphic programs the smart way and create pictures that you can call your own.

How Does Design Profits Unleashed 2.0 Work?

What Will You Learn With Design Profits Unleashed 2.0?

How YOU can add 500% or more to the selling price of your pictures!

The simple techniques Pete’ll give you and an easy to use software program will transform your print into a mixed media painting. No previous training is necessary.

Make sure your design is a winner – everytime

Follow his simple research system and ensure that each design you create makes money. And why reinvent the wheel when you can easily piggyback on OTHER designers’ success. Design Profits Unleashed 2.0 shows you how.

Stay safe with his essential copyright advice

Pete’ll show you how to make sure your design is uniquely yours, and make sure that you stay on the right side of the copyright laws. You’ll also find out the one copyright mistake you must never make. You’ll only get this information in Design Profits Unleashed 2.0.

How to save a fortune on a wide format printer

When he uncovered this amazing strategy, he put an entire guide together. With this knowledge he’s made even more money from printers than he have on pictures! All the information on how to get the best possible deal on your wide format printer is included.

And the most expensive printers are NOT the best! Pete’ll find the right printer for you. This information is NOT widely available on the internet. He made mistakes buying printers – so you don’t have to. The entire strategy is covered in his best selling Auction Arbitrage Secret. You’ll receive it as a free bonus when you buy Design Profits Unleashed 2.0.

How to save 70% plus on printer ink costs

This is NOT about using cheap unbranded inks that may ruin your printer.That might be OK with your low cost standard size printer, but you want the best for your wide format printer. He’ll show you a way to save on your inks that won’t break the bank- or your printer! And you don’t need to pay sky high prices for ink sets to do your designs justice. Pete’ll show you the right inks to buy for your printer.

Use Amazon for dropshipping with this secret strategy!

Amazon expect sellers to delivery goods lightning fast just as they do. But for the smaller seller that’s not always possible. He’ll show you a little known loophole that means you can turn around products in weeks not days if you need to. That means you can leverage Amazon’s massive selling power for your dropshipping business. And you’ll keep Amazon sweet at the same time!

Why Should You Get Design Profits Unleashed 2.0 Now ?

Paintings have a far higher perceived value than photographs. Because these days just about everybody has a cellphone camera. You’ll find out how to provide a done for you ‘Photo To Painting’ service on eBay or on your own website.

Why not take this offline too? Hold ‘open day’ sales at your home or in your garage for your digital designs.

Most of us have amazing scenery or landmark buildings on our doorstep. With his advice you can easily snap some photos and turn them into your own unique designs.

Your family, friends and neighbors will love your beautiful paintings. Especially when they’re featured in the pictures!

Design Profits Unleashed 2.0 makes it fast and easy for you to create high quality designs. But if you want to fast track your design business with the talents of skilled low cost artists then outsourcing is the way to go.

Pete’ll show you the best company to use for your outsourcing. You’ll find out how to get great deals, top quality artists and not get burnt whilst you’re doing it!

Let’s look at some of the questions about Design Profits Unleashed 2.0

“Can I really start my design business with nothing?”

Nothing means exactly that – nothing! This information is not widely available on the internet or anywhere else. You can only get my no cost start up system in Design Profits Unleashed 2.0.

If you prefer – and if you have a few hundred dollars spare – you’ll find out how to do it all yourself. It’s hard to beat creating, printing and packing your own works of art and sending them out to your appreciative customers.

“My country doesn’t have an Amazon site Pete! And my country’s eBay site is nothing special. Can I still sell my own designs?!”

The answer – is yes! He’ll show you how to get your goods sent fast anywhere in the world without it costing you a fortune.

“I’ve tried to make money online and failed Pete! Why will this be any different?”

Because this doesn’t involve downloadable products, affiliate marketing, website building or ANYTHING that puts people off making money online. You’ll create real products that people will love to buy and be proud to own – pictures with genuine value.

“I WANT to make and sell my own real products. But won’t this be expensive?”

Not when you get your high end graphics programs for free. And you can also use the dropshipping service Pete recommend. If you’ve got money to put into your new business that’s great too. But you can start off with absolutely nothing – just like he did! All the information you need is in Design Profits Unleashed 2.0.

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